World of Tanks Blitz 2016

Amazing multiplayer tank game featuring dozens of real-world tanks and millions of players from around the world

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World of Tanks Blitz takes the historic authenticity and strategy of the World of Tanks PC game and scales it down to accommodate the needs of mobile gamers. Like the core World of Tanks experience, the focus is on letting you build an army of tanks based off of some of the most famous models in military history and pit them against other players in tense and strategically dense battles. In practice, this game play format draws heavily from traditional shooters in terms of modes available. Like the traditional World of Tanks, the standard mode here resembles capture the flag. Two teams compete with one another to capture and hold onto designated points on the map. Where the traditional version of World of Tanks allows for massive maps where teams of as many as 30 players compete against one another, Blitz scales these fights down to 7 vs. 7 for the sake of scale. The result is a game that's less strategically dense but more focused on arcade style action. While it may not have the depth that its bigger brother boasts, it's still a respectable representation of tank combat that's a blast to play in action.

Also borrowed from the traditional World of Tanks model is the loop of collecting new tanks to fill out your collection. The original World of Tanks has spent years building out a truly massive collection of tanks that draw from decades of martial combat, but World of Tanks Blitz scales that down some. These war machines tend more towards light and medium sized tanks, an accommodation to better suit the quicker and more frenetic pick up and play mode of play, but the developer has still taken pains to make sure that these machines are authentic to the historical source. You'll find tanks from a number of different nations, each with their own unique style of handling and statistics that determine how they feel in the heat of battle.

Collection follows a roleplaying game style loop. You start out with one basic tank, but you can collect more through the course of play. As is often the case with mobile games, there are a number of different currencies you need to juggle to grow your tanks. Experience is gained through the course of combat, and each of the different classes of tank have their own tiers of new tanks to unlock. Each tank has their own experience growth and upgrades, and working your way through their development gives you access to new ones. Learning to juggle your currencies can require some complicated bookkeeping, and a major sense of balance comes through deciding rather you want to upgrade your existing machine or invest in a more powerful tank that will require some fixing up to put it on par with what's already in your garage.


  • Fast and frenetic tank-based player vs. player combat
  • A huge amount of tanks to collect and upgrade


  • Slow progression loop if you decide not to invest real money
  • Confusing selection of different currencies to juggle

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